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Red Martini

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  • 100% Organic cotton T-shirt (organic farming), single Jersey, ring-spun combed cotton, 155g/m².
  • HD direct to garment printing.
  • For men & women.
  • Unreleased artwork, 100% handmade by © Warren Montrose, a true collectible item !

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Quality first !

We want the best quality (and durability). Produced with direct digital printing (DTG) technique, this t-shirt is pleasant to wear and touch and also a perfect replica of the original design.

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washing instructions

1. Turn your shirt inside out.
2. Wash using ONLY cold water (30°c max.)
3. Use Gentle Wash soap and/or hand wash the shirt.
4. Wash on the most Gentle setting, the least amount of time.
5. DO NOT ADD Bleach.
6. Air dry ONLY (no tumble dry.)
7. Do not dry in direct sunlight (to prevent fading.)
8. Drying with NO heat will provide the most longevity to you garment.
9. If you really want to iron your shirt : iron inside out on the lowest setting, put a towel or a heat resistant fabric over the shirt, keep cool the printed area.
10. Anyway : be cool ;)


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